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Taxi Meter Rates

Service Amount
First one-fifth mile or flag drop $3.50
Each additional one-fifth mile or fraction thereof $0.55
Each minute of waiting or traffic time delay $0.55

For every $30 of taxi fare paid with a SF Paratransit debit card, the true cost to the card holder is only $6.00. SF Paratransit pays the other $24.00. Please see the Taxi Services page for more information.

Tipping Your Driver

If you choose to add a tip to the metered cost of your taxi trip, please instruct the taxi driver to add a tip at the end of the trip when you present your SF Paratransit debit card to the driver.  SF Paratransit will calculate a 10% tip, up to a maximum of $2.00, and add it to the debit card transaction. If you wish to tip your driver more than the amount authorized using your debit card, please tip the driver with cash. Tipping is strictly voluntary; please report any driver who applied a tip without your permission to the SF Paratransit Broker's office at (415) 351-7052.

No Wait Trips Allowed

You may not ask the taxi driver to wait for you with the meter running on any paratransit ride.  For instance, if you are picking up a prescription at the pharmacy, you must have the driver stop the meter when he/she drops you off and pay the fare.  The driver, at his/her discretion may choose to wait for you, with the meter off, but a new trip must start once you re-enter the vehicle.

Attendants & Companions

An attendant and at least one companion may accompany you. The San Francisco Transportation Code allows you to ride with the maximum number that can be safely secured and transported (usually four adults). No extra fares will be required for the additional passengers.

An attendant or companion must start and end their ride with you. Only the ADA-certified rider may possess and use the SF Paratransit Debit Card. An attendant or companion cannot under any circumstances use your SF Paratransit Debit Card. 

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