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What is Van Gogh?

Van Gogh is a van shuttle service provided by SF Paratransit for groups of seniors and/or people with disabilities to attend social and cultural events in San Francisco.

Examples of Van Gogh trips include: 

  • trips to museums
  • sporting events
  • concerts
  • picnics
  • the zoo
  • the theater
  • Golden Gate Park
  • church meetings
  • public meetings and more!

Who is Eligible for Van Gogh?

Van Gogh is open to groups of at least seven (7) individuals who meet one of the following qualifications: 

  • are sixty five (65) or older
  • are disabled and have a Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount ID Card (which provides discounts on Muni)
  • are paratransit-eligible and registered with SF Paratransit
  • are registered for SF Paratransit's Shop-a-Round program 

Each Van Gogh trip must have a single coordinator, who is responsible for organizing the group, requesting and scheduling the trip, and coordinating between SF Paratransit and the group on the day of the trip.

How does the Van Gogh Shuttle Work?

Step 1

First a trip coordinator must be designated and must register your agency or group by calling or emailing the contact below to request a Trip Registration Form.  The Agency will receive confirmation from the SF Paratransit office and will be given an ID number to schedule trips.  Completed forms can be returned by email.

How to Register

Agencies and individual riders can register by completing the Van Gogh registration form.  Your trip coordinator must register your agency or group beforehand.  Trip registration forms can be requested by phone or email from the SF Paratransit office.

Phone 415-351-7094

TTY 415-351-3942

Email VanGogh@sfparatransit.com

Step 2:  Scheduling a Van Gogh Trip

The trip coordinator must complete a trip request form with all the details of the trip at least seven (7) days in advance of the requested trip date.

Trip requests are granted on a “first-come, first served” basis, as capacity permits.

Step 3:  Confirmation

Once your trip request is approved and scheduled we will contact the trip coordinator to confirm all the details of the trip.

On the day of your trip: 

  • Your agency is responsible for ensuring that each rider pays their fare.  Prior to boarding, the round trip fare will be collected.
  • Cash or SF Paratransit tickets are accepted as payment.
  • Please be prepared to board the shuttle at your scheduled pickup time and location.

Contact Us

For a trip requst form, complete list of rules or questions, please contact:

SF Paratransit

68 12th Street, 1st Floor

San Francisco, CA 94103 


Phone 415-351-7094

TTY 415-351-3941

Fax  415-351-3134

Email VanGogh@sfparatransit.com


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